Hair Color

Within the industry, color and highlighting is a special niche and viewed by many professionals as its own special entity. What makes color and highlighting so challenging is that a stylist must have a keen eye for being able to synthetically match color to a client’s natural skin tone, something our bodies have a tendency to do naturally.

In almost every instance, a special mixing of precise quantities, involving multiple shades of the same generic color is needed to bring out a desired look that accurately compliments someone’s natural skin tone. With sometimes 20 shades of one color, a stylist must have the artistic mind to be able to see in advance how the colors will mix together, and then be able to know how it will look five or seven days later when the hair interacts with the sun.

As a former artist, Jessica Tran has a special creativity in matching up colors. Before getting licensed, her primary responsibility during her apprenticeship was mixing color. Jessica’s experience, combined with her natural artistic ability, will give you the look and precise color you’ve desired while going through the long assembly line of stylists. Look below at some of the customers she has served. Notice the precision and how their hair is a perfect complement to their skin tone.

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